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Academic Policies and Eligibility

Winthrop Study Abroad Requirements

All Winthrop University students, including freshman and transfer students, must successfully complete at least one semester at Winthrop before applying to any study abroad program.  If a student submits a study abroad application during his or her second semester at Winthrop, acceptance will be provisional based on the final GPA for the second semester.  Students must have a 2.5 minimum GPA and be in good standing with the University (financially, academically, and student conduct) in order to study abroad.

Typically, students study abroad during their sophomore or junior years.  Freshmen are not allowed to participate in semester long study abroad programs but may participate in short-term programs.  Students are typically not approved to study abroad in the last semester before they graduate due to the time it takes for transcript processing.

The Application Process and Deadlines

Students must complete both a Winthrop University Study Abroad Application online through the Study Abroad Portal, as well as the application for their chosen study abroad program and submit them to the International Center online by the following deadlines:

  • For study during the entire Academic Year:  March 1
  • For study in the Summer: March 1
  • For study in the Fall Semester: March 1
  • For study in the Spring Semester: October 1
*The deadline for all NSE Programs is Feburary 1.

Credit Transfer Policies

When studying abroad, students can earn credit that will transfer back to Winthrop and count toward their normal degree progress by completing the appropriate forms. As a result, most students who plan ahead are able to graduate on time. To ensure a smooth transfer of credit, students must work with their academic advisors and student services coordinators prior to their departure to determine the appropriate course equivalencies between the host institution and Winthrop. Students must earn the equivalent of a "C-" or better on all courses taken abroad in order to earn credit at Winthrop. Additionally, grades from abroad do not affect a student's overall GPA, but are taken into consideration for financial aid and scholarship eligibility and honors designation at graduation.  As part of the study abroad process, students must complete Winthrop's Approval to Transfer Credit form (ATC) as well as any similar forms from their overseas program and obtain the appropriate signatures.

Financial Aid Transfer Policies

In general, students who are accepted to study abroad on a Winthrop-affiliated program during the academic year may use their federal, state, and institutional scholarships and financial aid for their study abroad program. Students should always consult with the Office of Financial Aid in the Sykes House to inquire about their particular financial aid package and whether they may qualify for additional aid for study abroad.  Upon acceptance, the International Center will provide students with necessary forms to complete the financial aid transfer process.  The International Center also highly recommends that students make an appointment with Financial Aid to fully understand related regulations and policies.

Financial Responsibility Policies

All Winthrop students participating in a study abroad program must pay the required fees to Winthrop University and/or their program provider including, but not limited to: tuition, housing, meal plan, application fee, participation fee, and any supplemental charges. The Winthrop University study abroad application fee is non-refundable. The full policy regarding the Winthrop University study abroad application fee can be referenced here

International Health Insurance Information

All Winthrop students participating in a study abroad program must have health insurance that covers them while abroad. Winthrop has worked with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) to offer comprehensive international health insurance to Winthrop students for a $40/month. The insurance has no deductible. You may download more information about the policy by clicking here. Students can get further details and enroll in the CISI policy at the Winthrop International Center.

International Studies Minor (INTS)

Consider incorporating international experience formally into your academic career by becoming an International Studies (INST) minor. This interdisciplinary minor is designed to complement a variety of majors and studying abroad fulfills the minor's "Engaging a Foreign Culture" requirement. Many students find that most (if not all) of the coursework completed abroad counts towards the INTS minor. For more information, see the International Studies Minor website.

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